Law4Growth provides an expert and communication support in the decision-making and legislative processes as well as in public debate. We help our clients in the effective presentation of their standpoints to political decision-makers, the media and administration. We select our methods adequately to your needs, so that flexibility converts into effectiveness.

We prepare expert analysis delivering knowledge that is useful in the decision-making process. By applying the appropriate methodology, utilizing quantitative data and also taking into account quantitative factors we are able not only to effectively explain the social reality, but also formulate recommendations for change. We present our propositions for law changes to political decision makers lobbying for their fulfillment.

With the experience of our experts in the parliamentary and government legislation process we offer legislative workshops, where we manage to bring together ministerial legislators, industry experts, analytic employees from the offices of both parliamentary houses, the PM’s office, and from research institutes. The workshops are an opportunity to present and mediate between divergent interests forming the foundations for future legislation changes.

We offer research reports about industry sectors and policy topics. We are of the opinion, that competition is good, but winning is better. Through access to useful knowledge and by influencing the information environment, we provide our clients with a competitive advantage. We offer presentation and dissemination of a report in industry circles, among journalists, decision makers and stakeholders. The presentation may involve organizing a press briefing, expert debate or conference.

With the use of those tools we provide Public Affairs services, merging our expert knowledge with access to political decision makers and their expert base. We focus on reaching the right people with a prepared, succinct message. We participate in industry meetings and conferences, taking advantage of every opportunity to build informal relations and present the position of our clients.