About us

Our mission is initiating changes in law which serve national interests and the common good. With the assistance of a wide range of stakeholders we strive to formulate constructive and realistic policy recommendations. We collaborate with decision-makers and communities, working for the development of Poland stemming from all country regions with various ideological traditions.

Within our expert activity we offer organization of congresses, expert workshops, preparing rapports and policy papers.

The Association L4G was founded in 2010. Since 2014 we are running a think tank Forum #Law4Growth. We organize congresses, expert workshops, prepare rapports and policy papers.

The association is also running a social campaign “Kokosza, add penny to penny!” educating children and youth in the field of financial education. By participating in the project children have an opportunity to learn the functions and value of money, ways of saving and multiplying savings and positive attitudes associated with managing finances. 

The first edition of the Forum #Law4Growth took place in 2015 with the active participation and under the honorary patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda. One thousand participants, including many experts from Poland and abroad, developed recommendations for legal changes gathered in the White Book for the new government which was formed in late 2015.

The next year we organized a series of “Strategy for Poland” debates at the Institute of President Lech Kaczynski in Warsaw, which culminated in a conference with the participation of several executives ministries in Falenty near Warsaw.

The third edition of the Law for Development Forum was held in Krakow on October 5-6, 2018. We have developed an innovative formula of the group work of experts, politicians, scientists, diplomats in nearly 20 panels and two plenary sessions. Among guests were: Speaker of the Sejm Marek Kuchcinski, Vice President of the Council of Ministers Beata Szydlo, Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro, justice ministers from several countries of the Three Seas Initiative region, as well as many deputy ministers, ambassadors, and diplomats. During the Forum, the opening speech was given by George Friedman, the founder of the private intelligence agency Stratfor, a Hungarian-origin political scientist, who presented Poland’s potential in European and global relations. During the Forum we presented a strategic report on infrastructure connections in the Three Seas Initiative region, containing, among others, a case study on the resynchronization of the power grids of the Baltic States.

We have developed an innovative formula for workshops with experts representing a wide range of stakeholders. The applied method of facilitating group work allows us to concentrate the discussion on a planned scenario, concluding with recommendations for legal changes while ensuring all participants to have a chance to speak up and have their arguments taken into account.

We have conducted strategic workshops in the areas of medication price policy, financial markets, and regional development. We have also co-organized the Senior Level Oncology Forum and USAID Central Asia study visit.